cvui does not require any build procedure. Just add the cvui.h (or file along with the rest of your source code and continue to compile/run your project the way you have being doing so far.

cvui has no dependency other than OpenCV 3.x (or 2.x) itself. Check the usage page to learn how to use cvui.

Building the examples

The examples provided with the lib do require a build. You can use cmake to build them. First clone cvui git repo:

git clone cvui && cd cvui

Let’s start with a release build. Create a folder to house the release files:

mkdir build.release && cd build.release

Generate project files:


Build everything:

make -j4

Now for the debug build, go to the folder where cvui was cloned to:

cd ..

Create the folder to house the debug files:

mkdir build.debug && cd build.debug

Generate project files:


Build everything:

make -j4 and Python examples

By default, cmake will add (Python port of cvui) and the Python examples to the build folder. If you don’t want Python files, use -DADD_PYTHON_EXAMPLES=OFF in the cmake commands, e.g:


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